Month: April 2014

Well That Was … Disapointing.

With my days activities finished early I rushed home knowing that when I got there my Cloaking level 3 skill training would be finished and I could finally deliver that package through low-sec.

I logged on bought a new Iteron mk V and all the fittings to do my low-sec running. This ended up costing me most of the 20 mil I hade made yesterday buying hauling and reselling some stupidly low priced Ventures (I made an 80% profit on each one). I’m not entirely happy with the fit as it has absolutely no tank and a tiny cargo capacity due to my massive power grid shortage caused by have SFA skill points. I even had to run without warp core stabs just to fit the cargo in 😦 .

Meet the TFP mk3.

TFP mk3

The mk1 was the subject of the gank I spoke of the other day and the mk2 is my High capacity hi-sec hauler.

Anyway despite all of the risks posed by this venture (I was basically flying my entire bankroll into low-sec wrapped in a cardboard ship) I put on my big-boy-pants and my manliest expression and jumped through. … and nothing. There was nothing there, no gate camp and only two people in local, talk about a let down.

Nothing FoundI swallowed my disapointment and warped over to my next low-sec hop fully expecting there to be trouble on the other side. Again nothing, lots of people in local this time but not a one of them interested in killing and looting my cardboard ship. I move on to my destination feeling quite disapointed I’d been looking forward to running my first gate camp.

After delivering the contract I scan the regions market to see if theres any of the regular consumables open for me to ship in. The drone and ammo market looed pretty sown up so I scanned the contracts whithin my budget range to see where I could make my next ISK.

Low and behold there were 2 close by and quite well paying contracts. I check out the route a bit. Hang on, that systems a bit hot isn’t it? 5 ships killed in the last hour and 240 ships in the last 24, and I’d have to pass through that system 4 times to make the contracts worthwhile. Well I’d only have to pass through it 3 times if I can carry and afford the cargo. I check and the price is just within range and the cargo size is miniscule.

A plan forms. I have to run close to Dodixie where I’m based anyway, so why don’t I pick up my Imicus fit it out as a fast camp runner and grab the contracts. So I head back a fit the Imicus up with a cloak, microwarp drive, 2 sheild extender II’s, and 3 warp core stabs, my power grid only just manages (remember my SFA skill points).

Thus fitted I put my big-boy-pants back on and head out. When I get to the hot system I’m starting to feel pretty nervous and have to remind myself to put the manly expression back on my face. The other side of the gate is clear but theres a lot of people in local and the other gate is too far away for me to dscan. I consider bouncing to a celestial near enough the gate to give it a scan but as I’m in a cheap as chips ship with a low signature radius and I decide to rely on speed and suprise to get me through. If I can dscan them they could dscan me.

I blast into the gate and suddenly my manly expression is nowhere to be found and my big boy pants may need changing. Theres 8 or 9 Thrashers and some others sitting on that gate just waiting for someone to come through. I can’t tell if I was too fast of if they just didn’t care but I got through with nobody even trying to point me.I get into the station on the other side and accept the contract.

Now comes the real test, can I make it back through the camp. I jump through and align to the gate, (pretty much everyone in local has to be right where I am so I’m confident the other gates not camped aswell) mwd, cloak and I’m off. So long suckers!!

Into the next station, accept the contract, put it in my cargo hold and then it hits me. I’d left the other contract sitting back in the station past the gate camp. /facepalm, /headdesk.

Screw it, it worked once, it’ll work a second time. I hop back into the hot system and blast back through the camp, into the station, grab the contract and head out again. As I arrive at the gate to the hot system I see that the entire camp has moved to the other side of the gate, these guys probably thought I was just messing with them instead of screwing up. As a result of them all moving sides I’m able to jump through and just straight up warp off without anyone ever having pointed me.

I’m so glad I decided to fit the little runner, I’d never have been able to do that in the cardboard ship πŸ™‚ .

So until next time this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.


Between A Rock And A Hard Place.

Well it happened again, my greed and noobishness combo has made my Eve life difficult.

Allow me to preface a little bit if you will. I’ve been on a good roll with the hauling gig, good for a new player at least (8 days old incase you’re wondering how new) and my profits have been steadily increasing. surprisingly I’ve really been enjoying it, I didn’t think I would.

Anyway my bankroll and cargo capacity have been slowly but steadily increasing allowing for more and better contracts to become available. I’ve been sticking to hi-sec hauling only like any good newbie should. Low-sec hauling with my SP would be suicide. late yesterday I hit a collateral + cargo break point that opened up a bunch of new contracts for me and right at the top of the profit list was a set of 3 contracts all by the same person. 3 x 3 mil payout for a 16 jump trip in hi-sec oooh yeah! I’ll knock these out in no time at all and get to my next bankroll breaking point … is what I was thinking. So I immediately grabbed the first of the 3 contracts.

What I didn’t know was that when you search for hi-sec contract it only checks to see if bothΒ  the start and end locations are high security it doesn’t bother making sure that your end location is reachable through only hi-sec jumps. That’s right I was now stuck with a contract that took up most of my collateral and went through not one but two low-sec hops and no other route that didn’t involve even more low-sec hops. This is no longer about making money, it’s now about not losing it.

The first low-sec hop is a bit of a bottle neck into low security space so I was fairly sure it would be gate camped by at least a couple of people. << — Short break to go cAtrononfirm this –>> Yep just hopped through in an unfitted Atron I use for scouting risky spots and fast hauling small contracts and what do you know. A gate camp of 4 reds waiting on the other side. Fortunately the Atron is fast enough that I was able to jump to a reasonably aligned station before being locked and killed.

The contents of the contract is 5 Kestrel frigates with fittings and ammo for all, to the worth of around 30 mil. This means I’m left with two options.

Option 1 : Give up. Break the contract and resell the goods losing around 10 mil in the process.

Option 2 : MTFU and run that gate camp. My skill training for Cloaking level 3 is still 17 hours from completion but that’s still within the contract time limit. So what I can do is fit it with a MWD and Advanced Cloaking device, practice the MWD cloak trick a few times, grow a pair and run the camp.

Personally I’m inclined to try option 2. I do stand to lose considerably more and for the next 17 hours there is no point in me doing any hauling with such limited collateral. However it is a lot more fun and exciting that mining or running continuous hi-sec contracts. Also win or lose It’s gonna be a good story for the blog πŸ™‚

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.

Burn Jita 3 = Educational Weekend.

As you must know this weekend was host to the Burn Jita 3 event organised by the Goonswarm. Now I had no idea about this until friday evening and was wondering what all the fuss was about as I was hauling contracts into Jita. When I found out I instantly felt safe in the knowledge that, new as I am, I couldn’t possibly have enough cargo to be worthwhile suicide ganking when all those multi-billion isk freighters were rolling in. So I just continued on with my hauling pausing once in a while to enjoy the fireworks display being put on by the good people of Jita.

I think now is a good time to say that while I’m fairly sure that I would intensely dislike 90% of the people in the Goonswarm alliance. But this kind of player organised event is exactly the kind of thing I’m loving about Eve online. Also I love the fact that even in hi-sec your not completely safe.

Anyway all through friday evening and most of saturday I continued to pick up small time contracts that nobody else either seemed to want of felt brave enough to run into Jita. Small as those contracts were they still provided a higher ISK/h than I could manage with mining in my venture. Then disaster struck.

Well I say disaster but what I really mean is that my noobishness got me into trouble … again. Like I said I’d been running goods in and out of Jita most of the weekend with no trouble so I was feeling fairly confident and relaxed. I was on my way over to Dodixie to pick up some of my own goods to run into Jita and was checking to see if there was any contracts that I could run that wouldn’t take me too far out of my path and there was. It was perfect, or so I thought. Jita to Dodixie, decent price per jump and low collateral. In reality these three things should have started alarm bells ringing, instead they just rang my greed bells.

trapAnyone familiar with hauling should have realised by this point that it was a trap. I did too after I looked at the cargo. It was double wrapped and valued at arround 100,000 ISK. Realising I’d been suckered I planned a new route to Dodixie which skipped the original first 5 waypoints. It vastly increased my travel distance but I felt safer that way, and after the 8th waypoint in the original path I felt like I’d won.

Boy was I wrong. Three jumps from Dodixie they hit me. At this stage I was only half paying attention to my main screen while reading on my second monitor. Much like right now, where I’m mining on my main screen and blogging on another, eve online is about the only game I’ve played that lets me do this. Anyway I absent-mindedly smack the jump button, turn back to my reading and all hell breaks loose. I got locked, scrammed and blown the F$&# up by not 1 but 2 ships. I jumped my pod out of there and on to Dodixie fuming in rage all the way.

Rather than rage log I went and had a smoke and a coffee to calm down then got down to analysing all that I had done wrong to get myself caught. Let me break down for you what I’ve learnt from this little escapade.

My Mistakes: (Pre contract acceptance – Things I didn’t notice)

  1. The contract had too high a rate of pay for the collateral outlay. the contract paid 2.5 mil with a collateral of 12 mil. That’s almost a 21% risk/reward payout, normally I feel lucky if it’s a 5-10% ratio.
  2. The contract had only 1 day to complete it. These are usually scam contracts since they don’t want their contract accepted on a day when they can’t be online.
  3. It was a haul from the biggest trade hub to a smaller trade hub. It would be a very rare occurrence to make a profit doing this after paying for haulage.
  4. ISK/Jump was over the odds. Not by an unusually high margin but still high enough to make it attractive.

My Mistakes: (Post contract acceptance – Things I didn’t do)

  1. I found the contract suspicious and did not add the person who issued it to my watch list to monitor online status, or even check their profile.
  2. I did not go and do something else for a while. Your best defence against a contract like that is not to be doing it, so go do something else until it’s safe to try. If nothing else you can have your attacker(s) gate camping nothing for a few hours.
  3. After the first few jump I was not actively looking for ship types commonly used for suicide ganks sitting on gates. Not that it would help me much at the moment as a T1 hauler has little to no chance of getting away if a suicide ganker want your loot, but still I should have been doing it so that I could activate my shield tank bonus before the first salvo. An increase in survival chance however small is to be tank at every opportunity.

Would you like to know the funniest thing I learnt from this whole thing? No? Tough, I’m going to tell you anyway. My gankers actually lost more than I did. You see I was waiting and waiting for them to post their kill mail on the killboard so I could check the exact total loss but they never did. At first I thought it was because they pulled this scam a lot and didnt want to advertise the fact by posting the kills. Then I checked my combat log. I knew these guys had to be small time bandits since they ganked me for such a small cargo, my whole fit and cargo, including the contract goods and collateral weighed in at just over 16 mil ISK. Usually a T1 suicide gank fit will cast you ~2 mil making that gank a very small profit since they used 2 ships.What I hadnt realised was that these guys were complete idiots. For whatever reason these guys decided that they needed 2 Vexors to take down a T1 hauler.

Lets do some basic math. My losses were 16 mil, 2 Vexor hulls (we wont even count any of the fittings) cost 21 mil on todays maket. 16 – 21 = -5. These muppets lost a minimum of 5 million ISK ganking me. If they had fit properly they could have lost upwards of 30 mil. No wonder that they never posted the kill mail. Who would have wanted to admit to that.

So iparanoian conclusion the main lesson I got from all of this is that whatever you do in Eve online do it with a heathy dose of paranoia, you just never know when people will feel like losing a few million ISK ganking you :). I feel lucky that it was a very inexpensive lesson to learn. It could have ended up costing me my entire bankroll. I hope it cost my gankers theirs πŸ˜›


So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.

My Hero.

As I said last time I’ve been playing for only a few days, But in those few days I’ve been able to make oh so many mistakes. The first of which was visiting low sec on my very first day of playing. Well you can guess what happened. I got through the gate and had my Venture destroyed and was podded before I knew what was happening.

Now because of this I got kill rights on my attacker. After doing some reading on what kill rights even were and what I could do with them, I decided to make it public with the measly fee of 1000 isk in the hopes that someone would use it for me. And they did πŸ™‚

Yesterday as I was doing some hauling I got a message saying that someone had purchased my kill rights on him. I promptly Evemailed the guy saying that I hoped he got the bugger. He replied with this Kill Mail.

Dutch Motsu your me hero. I don’t even care that he only lost a rookie ship, my losses from that time were not exactly huge either.

So until next time this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.

So much … stuff.

After many years of ignoring the game completely I recently started playing Eve Online. Well that’s not strictly true I tried playing it a few years ago but went into it expecting it to be a pick up and play game, was sorely disappointed and promptly uninstalled it.

I’ve been playing for 6 days now and I can honestly say that I’ve never played a game with a higher learning curve than Eve. When you start the game there is a long and convoluted tutorial and it’s probably the only tutorial I’ve ever thought you truly needed to play through. Theres just so much …stuff. the game literally throws information at you from every direction.

Anyway I’ve started playing it now and this blog will be a little log of my adventures and failures … mainly failures I think.


So untill next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.