I’m Being Spoiled.

This post is late because I’ve been a busy boy in eve and haven’t really had the time I usually do while playing to write posts. This is because the other day I finally joined a corp. I’d been feeling the need to join one for about a week or so now and had been doing some looking on the forums and with the in-game tool. I gave some serious consideration to joining eve university but in the end I decided to go to the recruitment forums and put myself out there to see who would respond.

What I was expecting was a bunch of cut ‘n paste recruitment mails/posts. As has so often been the case, I was once again pleasantly surprised by the quality of the EvE community. As expected I got some of the cut ‘n paste recruitment spam, but I also got a few responses from people who had taken a genuine interest in my post. Most surprisingly of all there was a wormhole corp and a null-sec corp, both of whom were expressing genuine interest in recruiting a 1 million SP newbie.

I thought long and hard about which corp I would join. In the end I settled on the small null-sec corp Cynosural Edge. This was for two reasons. One they were a null-sec corp which offered me the chance at adventure. The other was that they were recruiting me to act as the logistics arm of the corp. Clearly they wouldn’t be giving me null-sec contracts to run until I could fly a Blockade Runner, but since that was what I was aiming to fly anyway this was just fine and dandy.

I entered into negotiations with the CEO and once it was determined that I could join, I then wrote back to all the wonderful people who had responded to my post. I took extra care to thank the one’s who had not just given me a cut and paste reply and even more to the wormhole corp that had been willing to give this noob a chance.

Next up I entered several hours of total confusion. I just was not prepared for all the things you have to do upon joining a corp that’s part of an alliance.

Join this forum. Ok.

Join this other forum. Alright

Get these overview settings. Get these what nows?

Download this chat program. Thanks guy, I now have every VOIP program known to man installed on my computer. I’d somehow managed to avoid mumble until now.

Join this chat channel, and this one, and this one, oh and these two, and theres all of these ones that are optional. Stop flashing at me you damn chat tabs!

NRDS? Thats fine, most of my ships don’t even have a gun. I’m more worried about them shooting me.

Hang on, Mumble needs to restart my pc because of … iTunes?!? The F%&#??

Ok I think I’ve got everything sorted now, and read the many pages of stuff I was supposed to read. Now it’s time to figure out all the things they don’t think to tell newbies because it’s second nature to them. Things like how to drag and drop player names into the chat box when reporting reds on the intel channels, and what the hell “nv” stands for. Not knowing the names of every ship off by heart yet it took me several hours to realise that it wasn’t for a ship but stood for “No Visual”.

The biggest change however, was that suddenly not everybody was out to get me. There were … blues! Until now I simply considered everyone and everything red and let my paranoia run rampant. I’m being spoiled here.

On my very first day of joining the Cynosural Edge, the Yulai Federation, which they are part of decided to have a bit of a scrap. Looking at the map it seemed as if the whole of New Eden had decided to take them up on it.

Big red dot

And what was I doing while they fought anyone and everyone? I was going shopping. One of my goals upon joining this corp was to supply their local trade hub with reasonably priced modules. I had asked them what they would like to see stocked there but only got the reply everyone gives. T2 modules and faction ammo -.- Thats great and all, but I’m a noob and haven’t even touched pvp yet. Which T2 modules? What sort of faction ammo? Well there was nothing for it but to research, research and research some more. I spent hours looking at what was available on the market, checking zKillboard to see what modules where fitted on ships lost by our alliance, pouring over the various faction ammo’s to see which did the most damage. In the end I put to gether a list of around 30 different items which I would buy a small quantity of each to put on the market and see what sold.

It was an experiment and an expensive one at that. 250 million ISK just to test the waters. I wasn’t going to make much on this, if anything, but I needed to see what sold and what didn’t, and slowly over time I hope to be able to stock most of the most commonly used modules at as close to Jita price as I can manage. To this end I’ve also started getting into manufacture and PI. Both of these also took several hours of reasearch and are only just now getting started. It’s a long road ahead of me, but at the very least it gives me something to do when there are no good contracts to run.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.



  1. Ah memories. It is exciting joining a nullsec alliance for the first time. Everything is bigger and badder out there. You’ll be creating a custom folder in your People and Places with the name”safes”. When you’re done training for your blockade runner, you should skill for basic 0.0 ratting fit; when there are no courier contracts, and when PI is all sorted for the day, belt ratting in 0.0 will net you tens of millions…mmm…rat battleships…so nice.
    Congrats on your new corp. you shall now be called The Capsuleer Formerly Known As Incompetent. Missed will be the days of “I haz a dumb”.

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