Well It Happened.

After many days and many gate camps run, I finally lost another ship. The great thing about joining a null-sec corp is that I’ve become much more relaxed flying outside of hi-sec. The bad part is that I’ve become much more relaxed flying outside of hi-sec.

These days I do almost exclusively low-sec courier contracts, as these are the ones that usually pay the most. I dodge pirates and run camps on a daily basis. After having to play hide and seek with the goon swarm when they’re … well swarming over Providence (They turned out to be pretty aptly named), the humble low-sec gate camp starts to lose its thrill. I’d run 4 gate camps already today and this was going to be my 5th.

I was on my way to pick up a sweet 30 mil payout contract, none of the systems were very hot (at least compared to some of the ones I’d gone through earlier today), and I was running empty. All of these things meant that I was about as relaxed as can be when I entered my first low-sec system. The appearance of the gate camp on the other side neither surprised nor alarmed me. This was the only system on the route which had kills in the last hour so it was to be expected, also it was far from the largest one I’d encountered today.

Quite calmly I ran through the now so familiar align->MWD->cloak routine that had seen me through so many gate camps. It took me about half a second to realise that somewhere, somehow I’d gone and F%&#ed it up.

Gb TargetSo there I was sitting in the middle of a gate camp consisting of several Battlecruisers, a couple of Frigates and a Heavy Interdictor, with my cloak off and my MWD on. It took another half a second for me totally and completely panic. I tried cloaking again, but with my MWD on they had already locked me so that was a no go. The only thing that I could have done at this point was thrown on my Adaptive Invulnerability Shield but since they managed to pop me in one salvo I don’t think it would have helped much. Besides I was panicking too much to think of anything other than how my cloak wasn’t up.

Pop I went. Fortunately I still had the presence of mind to warp my pod off before they got that too. Unlike the last time I got ganked, I wasn’t the least bit annoyed. I’d been in the danger zone, I’d messed up, I’d paid the price. All part of the game.

I canceled my pods jump as I got to the gate as that would only take me deeper into low-sec and since there isn’t a whole lot of cargo capacity on a pod getting to my destination in it would serve no purpose at all.

Friendly KillerI docked up at a nearby station to grab my rookie ship and say hi to my killers. They did a bang up job of punishing my noobosity and deserved to be told so. As you can see on the right I started by letting them now that I wasn’t stupid, mearly incompetent. The reply is from one of the guys who popped my ship. I went on to congratulate them on punishing my gross mistake. Then ran back through their camp happy in the knowledge that even the guys who blow you up can be decent fellows.

I headed off to Amarr as it was the closest trade hub and started buying a new ship and fittings. I was also celebrating the fact that the bounty was finally off my head. In fact I had just said as much to Mr. Forelli when I got this notification.

Bountys back

It was back like a bad penny. A bit annoyed at the low bounty yet again I Evemailed him kindly asking it he could kick it up a notch. However he refused saying that I would have to work hard for my high bounties. I replied promising him that I would work harder at ticking people off to get myself a truly decent bounty. It is nice to know however that for as long as HiCloudy Crush is playing I shall forever be a wanted man.

Reshipped and rebountied I headed off to collect and complete my contract. I met one other gate camp on the way and you will be pleased to know that I was much less complacent about it. I was even a little bit nervous about taking the contract when I arrived. I really gotta thank those guys for putting the excitement back into low-sec for me.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.


P.S. I welcome all donations to the Codie Chancel Bounty Fund. All donations come with the added bonus of instantly informing you the next time I screw thing up. Fly Safe . o7


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