Well This Is Embarrassing.

Today I logged in to move some stuff around and get myself more organised. Instead I had to write up two debriefing’s on ship losses.

Since my operation every time I moved at night I would pull on my stitches waking me up. Last night was the first time I’d managed a full nights sleep since going under the knife. This coupled with the pain medication and a throbbing headache meant that yesterday I had fellen victim to Fuzzy Logic. Now I’m not talking about the form of multi-valued logic associated with artificial intelligence. Oh no, I’m talking about the type of thinking you get at 4 am after a night out with far too much to drink that make you believe that a pasta and brown sauce sandwich would taste like ambrosia.

Anyway I was completely out of it and had decided that what I really wanted to do was take my Badger out and fly randomly around null-sec, on a saturday, during US peak time. Me so smart. I’d managed to run a few minor gangs and lose a claw that just would not stop following me but then my luck ran out. The first proper gate camp I ran across I knew was there but somehow managed to warp right into it while trying to head for a different gate. Of course I got locked popped and podded before I’d even realised that I’d flown to the wrong gate.

I then decided that I the best idea in the world was to do it all again. So I went and grabbed my Nereus and headed out to a different area of null-sec. I managed a good few jumps before I landed myself in a large camp yet again. Now this one I may have been able to escape, if slowly, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I somehow managed to decloak myself. The camp didn’t even have to try for it, I did it all for them. They popped my ship then locked my pod and held it there, until I threw them a “o7” in local. As soon as my salute went out they decided to put me out of my misery and send me home the fast way.

The lesson I learned from all of this is to never log on when you may be under the effects of fuzzy logic. Or if you do stick to something safe.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.


One comment

  1. A week or so ago I had run out from the POS just to ‘check on’ the U210, or static lowsec hole… we knew it was EOL, but… well, I jumped and when my screens cleared I was all alone in space… and I mean ALL alone… nothing on dscan, just a few gates and station or 2 and me… IE no wormhole… uh, what? On comms I asked Sov just how EOL that hole was ans he said … “Well… any minute now actually…” Oh frak me.

    I told him I popped it and he asked what I was in, “My ‘stero.” said I… “Well an Astero won’t mass anything Tur, you know that.” I said, “But it closed right behind me man.” Then I checked the BM (we date & time stamp all hole BMs…) and it was 24 hours to the dot on my jump… to the minute.

    Oh well… so Sov scanned and I headed to Amarr. The new stat was a suc hole deep in low and more jumps than I cared to make, so I hung out in Empire for a few days until we got a decent U210. On day 2 I was really getting my fill of Empire space and so I decided to go DIAF.

    I mapped the closest Lowsec to Amarr, jumped in a fat ‘ol bait Prophecy and went rattin thru lowsec… and… I got squat.I ended up ratting for an hour or 2, got chatted up by a miner once… and saw ziltch in the way of dangerous people the whole time…

    EVE is the incredibly dangerous game filled with people who will kill you on sight… unless you actually want them to… EVE is weird.

    And yea,I know I could have used the map to find a hotspot or jumped straight into null or some such, but I wanted a more random and mebbe, worthwile death… not just self destruct into a known gate camp etc. … I wanted someone who was willing to do a little work for his KB.

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