Month: June 2014

Back To My Roots.

I bought my self a shiny shiny Occator yesterday. I spotted one for around 100 mil over their price before the DST changes were announced and pounced on it. unfortunately I had forgotten to take into account the pitiful state of my wallet. This meant that I was left with a tiny 20 mil ISK.

This reminds me a lot of when I first changed my account from trial to active, I’d managed to scrounge together 15 mil ISK and a poorly fitted Iteron mk5. In under a month through mostly hauling alone I managed to turn that 15 million into 1.2 billion. I didn’t even have the small amount of help I have now from my PI, which to be fair with ~24 hours of training only nets me 6 mil per day, but still better than nothing.  I did it by running chump-change contracts like the one I’m doing right now and working my way up to the much more profitable ones. It had gotten to the point where I wouldn’t even consider a contract unless I was going to make over 8 mil on it.



A 200 Million ISK Phone Call

First off I just want to let you guys know that I’ve joined the nice people from Star Explorers and am now living the wormhole lifestyle, more about that next time though.

I’ve been busy getting myself sorted for my new home and have been spending ISK like it’s going out of fashion. Between plexing my account and buying the ships mods and miscellaneous paraphernalia that I needed my wallet has started to look decidedly unhealthy. It was time to make some ISK the only way I know how (well not the only way just the one I’m best at). I went hauling.

The contracts were not great but they were plentiful so I started knocking them out one after another. Then I arrived at this well-paying one jumper. This is not that unusual since it was moving goods from low to hi-sec and people tend to pay a premium for that if they want it done quickly. After accepting the contract I undocked to find a bunch of pirates sitting on the undock. This is usually more of an irritation than anything else since I can always leave the hauler and contract in the station and come back to complete it later. This time I decided to try and wait them out to see if they would get board and leave. Every 5-10 minutes I would undock to see if they were still there then redock before my invulnerability wore off.

Then disaster struck. I’d been waiting on a phone call all day and it arrived just as I clicked undock. Now normally I keep my phone in front of me for just this reason but this time I’d left it in my jacket. By the time I’d run to my jacket searched through all the pockets (why is it that you always manage to search every pocket other than the one you need when you’re in a hurry?) answered my phone and gotten back to my PC I was sitting in my pod. It took every ounce of self control I had not to swear out loud since I was on the phone to my landlord and I don’t think he would have appreciated it. So I have now failed my second ever contract all thanks to a phone call, 200 million ISK down the drain T_T .

I’ve learned my lesson. I’m always going to make sure that my phone is in front of me before playing, and I have realised that sitting outside a station waiting to shoot people is much more entertaining than sitting in one trying not to be shot. Next time I’m just going to leave the contract for later.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.