Back To My Roots.

I bought my self a shiny shiny Occator yesterday. I spotted one for around 100 mil over their price before the DST changes were announced and pounced on it. unfortunately I had forgotten to take into account the pitiful state of my wallet. This meant that I was left with a tiny 20 mil ISK.

This reminds me a lot of when I first changed my account from trial to active, I’d managed to scrounge together 15 mil ISK and a poorly fitted Iteron mk5. In under a month through mostly hauling alone I managed to turn that 15 million into 1.2 billion. I didn’t even have the small amount of help I have now from my PI, which to be fair with ~24 hours of training only nets me 6 mil per day, but still better than nothing.  I did it by running chump-change contracts like the one I’m doing right now and working my way up to the much more profitable ones. It had gotten to the point where I wouldn’t even consider a contract unless I was going to make over 8 mil on it.

I’ve had to go back to my old style of harsh time/risk/isk contract evaluation. It’s been nostalgic and I didn’t know until now that you could get nostalgic about something that happened only one month ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Between having specialised in low-sec deliveries and now having the Occator with its comparatively massive fleet hanger the amount and quality of the contracts go up hugely with every ISK I add to my wallet. By this time next week I should be back to hauling only when I want to and having the ISK to lose ships while learning how not to get caught doing PvE in wormholes and Low-sec (I’ve recently lost a couple of fairly expensive ships this way).

Oh yeah. Before I forget I’d like to introduce you to the “Move it all” the ship which put me in my bankrupt position.

move it all

I have to say that while the Occator is a great ship it handles like a brick. This leaves you with 2 choices when it comes to fitting it. Option one is to fit mainly for agility and fly it like a slower Nereus with an MWD and cloak. Option two you can fit it like a bulldozer, full armor rep tank and possibly slap on one of the new medium MJD’s. I’m going for option one since my support skills for tanking are just not good enough to make proper use of option 2. Also running gate camps in a 300 million ISK ship really gets the heart pumping.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.


P.S. If you read this HiCloudy Crush, man your like a jinx for me, every time I run one of your contracts I always have to run hot systems 😦



    1. Your awesome for running my contract Nobody wanted to pull my shit out of misaba. Kept getting told I was insane. You give me hope in future contracts 😀

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