Well This Is Embarrassing.

Today I logged in to move some stuff around and get myself more organised. Instead I had to write up two debriefing’s on ship losses.

Since my operation every time I moved at night I would pull on my stitches waking me up. Last night was the first time I’d managed a full nights sleep since going under the knife. This coupled with the pain medication and a throbbing headache meant that yesterday I had fellen victim to Fuzzy Logic. Now I’m not talking about the form of multi-valued logic associated with artificial intelligence. Oh no, I’m talking about the type of thinking you get at 4 am after a night out with far too much to drink that make you believe that a pasta and brown sauce sandwich would taste like ambrosia.

Anyway I was completely out of it and had decided that what I really wanted to do was take my Badger out and fly randomly around null-sec, on a saturday, during US peak time. Me so smart. I’d managed to run a few minor gangs and lose a claw that just would not stop following me but then my luck ran out. The first proper gate camp I ran across I knew was there but somehow managed to warp right into it while trying to head for a different gate. Of course I got locked popped and podded before I’d even realised that I’d flown to the wrong gate.

I then decided that I the best idea in the world was to do it all again. So I went and grabbed my Nereus and headed out to a different area of null-sec. I managed a good few jumps before I landed myself in a large camp yet again. Now this one I may have been able to escape, if slowly, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I somehow managed to decloak myself. The camp didn’t even have to try for it, I did it all for them. They popped my ship then locked my pod and held it there, until I threw them a “o7” in local. As soon as my salute went out they decided to put me out of my misery and send me home the fast way.

The lesson I learned from all of this is to never log on when you may be under the effects of fuzzy logic. Or if you do stick to something safe.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.


Well It Happened.

After many days and many gate camps run, I finally lost another ship. The great thing about joining a null-sec corp is that I’ve become much more relaxed flying outside of hi-sec. The bad part is that I’ve become much more relaxed flying outside of hi-sec.

These days I do almost exclusively low-sec courier contracts, as these are the ones that usually pay the most. I dodge pirates and run camps on a daily basis. After having to play hide and seek with the goon swarm when they’re … well swarming over Providence (They turned out to be pretty aptly named), the humble low-sec gate camp starts to lose its thrill. I’d run 4 gate camps already today and this was going to be my 5th.


I Need To Think Things Through More.

It was late on Tuesday and I was bored. Out of my mind, stir-crazy, bored. It had been a quiet day in eve for me as there had been few worthwhile contracts that I could take and all of them were *shudders* hi-sec to hi-sec snooze fests. I craved adventure, and I was going to have it come hell or high water. I could have gone cruising for some combat in low-sec, but with my current skills being mostly the non combat variety, that would just have been me throwing a ship and some implants down the toilet. momentarily amusing? Yes. Adventure? No.

So I did what I always do, looked at the available contracts. This time I checked the ones that I’d earlier written off as too risky or not worth it. I settled on one that had me travelling out to an area of null-sec in which had been very active over the last few days. By looking at zKillboard I saw that the Brave Newbies had been fighting with … well, just about everyone as far as I could see. These brave newbies are quite the ferocious bunch it seems.


My Heart Needs To Get Out Of My Throat.

I was actually in the middle of writing a completely different post when this happened. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been doing a lot of lowsec hauling runs lately and I was picking up my first lowsec run of the day while writing a post (It’ll be out tomorrow). I’d done my usual homework on the route I’d be taking and all the jumps had been quiet for the last hour at least.

I went on over to the pick up station to grab the contract while blogging on my second monitor. I accepted the contract and took a peek at what I was delivering. I always do this just incase it’s something that sets my alarm bells ringing, but it just looked like someone was willing to pay over the odds to get their Gas Command Centers delivered into lowsec.

The delivery station was 5 jumps into lowsec and as I came up on the first of these jumps I put aside my blogging to give my full attention to the remainder of the trip. And it was a good thing that I did. This 4 man gate camp was waiting for me just on the other side. Apparently they had managed to set up and kill 3 ships in the short time it took me to grab the contract.

small gate camp When I started playing Eve I never thought that such a slow-paced game could provide me much of an adrenalin rush. Well running my first gatecamp in an industrial sure proved me wrong. Like I’ve written about in previous posts I’ve run gatecamp in a frigate fitted exactly for the purpose but this was a whole other ball game.

My heart leapt into my throat and started beating about as fast as it ever has. And let me tell you, I’ve been in some pretty hairy real life situations in my 31 years. Yet right now the threat of losing my pixel spaceship had my heart beating just as fast as in any of those.

It’s at this point in a movie where you hear the sound of your drill sergeant saying something like “This is what we trained for boys!”. But I’ve never had a drill sergeant. I wasn’t even a boy scout let alone in the army. It is now my firm belief that every new pilot in Eve should be provided with a drill sergeant just for times like these. Get on it CCP.

Heart beating at a million miles an hour, I prepared to execute the MWD/cloak trick. Now this technique is not a difficult one to pull off, but even simple things like remembering your own name can become herculean tasks when your system has just been flooded with vast amounts of adrenalin. Against all expectations I somehow managed not to F$%# it up, and I’m home free.

The rest of the trip is mostly uneventful. I meet the odd solo pilot as they travel to and from gates, but these I either stay cloaked while they move on, or have warped off before they decide I’m a nice juicy target. I make my delivery and Evemail my customer letting him know that the route is dangerous. He (I’m making assumptions here based on in game name) mailed me back complimenting me on the speed of completion and expressing concern for my safety getting back. I had already decided to take the long way back rather than tempting fate on the gatecamp and told him so. Still it was nice of him to be worried.

After making my way home by the long route I did a few more lowsec deliveries with little more incident than a gate rat having a pot shot at me. Those nice easy lowsec runs dried up pretty quickly and all I was really left with was a set of 5 with the same start and finish destinations. I’d been avoiding these because I knew there was trouble to be had. The pick up station was in shallow lowsec but could only be reached by going through this one hot lowsec pipe system. Unless you wanted to travel through around 10 nullsec systems that is.

It would be a bad idea to go for these contracts then wouldn’t it?

I didn’t think so. I was still riding on the high from my earlier encounter. I was freekin’ bullet proof, at least in my own mind anyway.

I made the 20 odd jumps over to the hot system and jumped straight on in. That Taking Firenothing was waiting for me on the other side only increased my confidence, so I warped straight over to the other gate. Next thing I know 2 Rokh’s have instalocked onto me and unleashed, Thank goodness I’d at least had enough self-preservation left to activate my adaptive invulnerability field before landing on the gate. As it stood they still did around 2000 damage to my shield before I managed to jump through the gate.

Well that sobered me up, not to mention getting my heart rate through the roof … again. That was it. I was not going to take these contracts and if I made if back through those 2 alive I was going to unwrap my shiny new Covetor I’d just learned to fly, crack open a couple of beers and do some nice peaceful mining.

I docked at the nearest station to get my heart rate back under control. Then jumped back through, somehow managing not to mess up the MWD/cloak, flew back to Jita and, as promised to myself, went mining with beer. So here I am a couple of hours later, slightly tipsy telling you about the whole ordeal. I hope the quality doesn’t suffer too much for the beer. I’m a bit of a light weight.

So until next time, this is the Incompetent Capsuleer signing off.